Low-Carb Lifestyle


THANKSGIVING WEEK! Am super excited to offer you a delicious, completely approved Holiday meal. Please prepare your tastebuds to enjoy:

November 20

  • Baked Turkey with Ideal Stuffing and Cranberry Spread ($10.00)

8 oz protein, 2 cups veggies

  • Crack Slaw ($7.50)

8 oz protein, 2 cups veggies

  • Hamburger Soup ($7.50) 

8 oz protein, 2 cups veggies

Because of the holiday we will only prepare 3 meals next week. Our freezer is stocked with LCL meals that we will offer for BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF. These meals will carry you through the week. Will offer a full 5 options on November 27. We are looking forward to cooking for you next week! Thank you for your continued support. Always feel free to email me your favorites. Can add to the next weeks menu.

— Dona Tyndall
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