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A Taster’s Choice Catering Low-Carb Lifestyle: Delicious, low-carb dishes that only skimp on calories, not taste!
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A Taster’s Choice Catering can cover your next event: Southern specialties, indulgent dishes, and classic favorites
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A Taster’s Choice Catering gives you just what you need: Pick and choose what and how much you need
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A Taster’s Choice Catering takes away your stress: We take care of all the prep work and you take and bake fresh at home
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A Taster's Choice Catering

10 hours 20 minutes ago

Simple is often the best way to go! Keeping it simple next week, but jammed packed with flavor. We hope you approve. April 24-27: Beefy Spaghetti with Zoodles ($10.00) 8 oz protein, 2 cups veggies Pan-Seared Chicken Breast with Squash Medley ($10.00) 8 oz protein, 2 cups veggies Spicy Stuffed…

A Taster's Choice Catering

1 day 21 hours ago

Dinner is ready!! Stop by A Taster’s Choice today. We cooked for you!

A Taster's Choice Catering

2 days 14 hours ago

LCL MENU will be ready for you tomorrow at A Taster’s Choice. If you did not pre order, stop by. We made extra just for you.

A Taster’s Choice Catering

From the Heart, Not Just From the Kitchen.

Take a moment to browse around and see the new delicious options we’ve added among our classic favorites. Be sure to check out the take-n-bake for delicious entrees you can pick up and bake fresh at home.